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    Luggage Storage Lecce

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      Lecce Train Station

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      Lecce Station

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      Lecce City Center

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      Lecce Old Town

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      Via Duca Degli Abruzzi

      17:00 - 20:00
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      Porta Rudiae

      08:00 - 23:00
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      Gate Of Saint Blaise

      10:00 - 19:00
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      Lecce Castle

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    Luggage storage in Lecce

    If you were looking for a luggage storage location in Lecce, you have just found it! Radical is a fast, practical and economical service that allows you to leave backpacks, suitcases, trolleys, and cases of musical instruments or bicycles in restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops. We're sure the only left luggage you've ever heard of until now was the one at the central station. From now on, you can find luggage storage spots all over the city. Radical is not only in Lecce but also throughout Italy and the world.

    How to use Radical

    Like other traditional left luggage, Radical also has a partner near the Station. Please note, however, that we are not inside the station, but a few meters from the main entrance! You can find us also in the City Center. In this way, you can visit the heart of the capital of Salento without the burden of your luggage! Leaving a bag with a Radical's Angel is affordable. The rate is daily and is fixed. Only €5 separates you from a stress-free day.

    Discover Salento

    Lecce is a charming city that boasts a gorgeous architectural and artistic heritage. That's why it has been called the Southern Florence. Lecce, however, has nothing to envy to any city, as it is special! It was founded in Roman times by Messapians, an Apulians tribe. It's now a modern and vibrant city that hosts thousands of visitors every year!


    During the night, Lecce offers unique emotions! With restaurants, live music venues and bars, you'll be spoilt for choice (especially in the Piazza San'Oronzo district). In the city, then, you'll also find several fairs and markets. The most important are: the Crib and Puppet Fair (Italian Fiera dei Presepi e dei Pupi) and the Antiques Market. Nightlife in Lecce is not only pleasant on summer nights, but also in the cold seasons. The mild climate allows visitors to walk through the so-called vasche.