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Luggage Storage kantakaupunki

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Area Downtown

1 minute from Kauppatori 10 Bus Stop
7 minutes from Downtown

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Open 24/7
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Open 24/7

Open 24/7
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Open 24/7
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Just touched down in Jyväskylä, Finland but your accommodation isn't ready for check-in? Or maybe the hotel refuses to accommodate your XL suitcase after check-out? No problem! We'll take care of it for the entire day at no extra cost. We understand that you want to kick off your exploration without being weighed down by your bags. No worries – Radical Storage is your go-to solution in Jyväskylä! Locate a convenient storage point, like the one in Kantakaupunki ward of Jyväskylä, and liberate yourself from the hassle of lugging around that bulky suitcase.

How to book luggage storage in Jyväskylä?

Experience the convenience of luggage storage in Jyväskylä with Radical Storage – the innovative global service that lets you securely store your belongings in local businesses. Our network of Angels includes hotels, bars, restaurants, and offices strategically positioned throughout the city. Our team meticulously vets each Angel to ensure the safety of your luggage. Booking with Radical Storage is a breeze; whether through our user-friendly website or the dedicated Radical app, it takes just a few minutes. Navigate our interactive map to find the ideal Angel near you. Simply click on 'Book it now,' and you're all set! Our service costs only €5 per day per bag! Plus, each item can be covered by a security guarantee of up to €3000. It’s amazing, right?

Seize the opportunity to explore Jyväskylä hands-free – book now and enjoy the city unencumbered. For more information, our 24/7 multilingual customer service is just a chat away. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your belongings are safe—that's the essence of Radical Storage in Jyväskylä!

About Jyväskylä, Finland

Nestled amidst Finland's picturesque lakelands, Jyväskylä, known as the "City of Light" for its contributions to education and culture, seamlessly blends modernity with natural splendor. This vibrant city showcases stunning architecture, including iconic Alvar Aalto-designed buildings, and embraces its rich history through museums and galleries, providing glimpses into Finnish art and heritage. Surrounded by serene lakes and lush greenery, Jyväskylä offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with activities like hiking, skiing, and water sports.

As the capital of the Central Finland region, Jyväskylä is strategically located, serving as a crucial logistical point connecting Helsinki and Tampere with northern Finnish towns. This seventh-largest city in Finland beckons visitors to immerse themselves in a lively cultural scene, diverse dining options, and the warmth of Finnish hospitality amidst breathtaking landscapes.

How to get to Jyväskylä?

Getting to Jyväskylä is convenient due to its strategic geographical location. The city is well-connected by major trunk roads, including highways 4, 9, 13, 23, E75, and E63, making road travel from across Finland quick and easy, with Helsinki approximately 270 km away.

By Train:

The Travel Center in Jyväskylä seamlessly links the railway station and long-distance coach station. Trains from Tampere and Helsinki run approximately every two hours, with a three-hour travel time from Helsinki to Jyväskylä.

By Bus:

Long-distance coaches depart from the Travel Center, with a journey time of around 4 hours and 40 minutes from Helsinki. Convenient stops for boarding are marked along the coach route.

By Air:

Jyväskylä can be accessed by air through Tikkakoski Airport (Jyväskylä Airport), just 20 km from the city center. Multiple daily flights from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport take approximately 40 minutes.

By Boat:

During the summer, boat travel to Jyväskylä is possible via Lake Päijänne, with routes from Lahti, Jämsä, Laukaa, and Suolahti through the Keitele-Päijänne channel.

Jyväskylä Top Attractions

Alvar Aalto Museum: Immerse yourself in the architectural genius of Alvar Aalto, one of Finland's most renowned architects. The museum showcases Aalto's designs and contributions to modern architecture, providing insight into his innovative concepts.

Harju Ridge: Take a stroll along the scenic pine forest, located in the center of Jyväskylä. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding lakes, and experience the tranquility of nature within easy reach of the urban landscape.

Lounaispuisto Park: Unwind in Lounaispuisto Park, a beautiful green space featuring walking paths, picnic areas, and a charming lake. The park offers a relaxing environment for both locals and visitors, providing a peaceful retreat from city life.

Toivolan Vanha Piha: Discover the charm of Toivolan Vanha Piha, the oldest courtyard in Jyväskylä. This historic area is home to artisan shops, boutiques, and cafes, allowing you to indulge in local crafts and delicacies.

Jyväsjärvi Lake: Enjoy water activities on Jyväsjärvi Lake, whether it's a leisurely boat ride or a refreshing swim during the summer months. The lake offers a picturesque setting, surrounded by green landscapes, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Craft Museum of Finland: Delve into Finnish craftsmanship at the Craft Museum, showcasing traditional and contemporary works by skilled artisans. Explore the exhibits highlighting the rich heritage of Finnish crafts, providing a unique cultural experience in Jyväskylä.