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    Luggage Storage in Jeonju with Radical Storage

    Experience the best of Korean cuisine by booking a trip to Jeonju. When you land in the city, Radical Storage will be there to take care of your heavy suitcases with its secure and hassle-free services for luggage storage in Jeonju. This way, you can get a moment to explore the surroundings before you check into a hotel.

    Radical Storage is an international company providing travelers with top-class luggage storage services at a small price of just 5€ per bag per day. And the best part is that no matter how heavy or big your bags or suitcases are, you don’t have to pay additional fees.

    About Jeonju

    Known as the place of origin of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju-si is the capital city of the North Jeolla Province in South Korea. The city offers the most authentic Korean experience with its ravishing local dishes, old Korean houses, traditional apparel, and overall rural environment due to its close proximity to Wangu County.

    Jeonju is rich in Korean culture and heritage, and it’s globally famous for its diverse cuisines. In fact, in May 2012, UNESCO characterized Jeonju Korea as the Creative City of Gastronomy for its mouth-watering traditional Korean food.

    Getting around Jeonju is easy with its well-maintained public transportation network which consists of buses mostly. However, to go from Jeonju to Seoul or other cities in Korea, you have to get on a KTX high-speed train from the Jeonju train station.

    Things to do in Jeonju

    Here are some of our top picks for the things you must do in Jeonju:

    Explore Jeonju Hanok Village. 
    Jeonju Hanok Village is the biggest attraction in this city. Located in the middle of the downtown area, this village is made up of 700 authentic Korean homes called Hanok, that date back to the 1300s. Don’t forget to pay a visit to this ancient hub of Korean culture, history, and traditions.

    Enjoy local food at Nambu Traditional Market.
    When you’re in a city that’s famous for its food, you have to taste something. One of the best places to try out the regional Korean dishes in Jeonju is the Nambu Traditional Market. It’s not only an ideal place for getting souvenirs but also serves a variety of local delicacies like bibimbap, pajeon, galibi, etc.

    Visit Royal Portrait Museum.
    Jeonju is the birthplace of the Joseon Dynasty and if you’re interested in learning more about that, the Royal Portrait Museum is the place for you. The museum houses a large number of impressive portraits of the Joseon Dynasty kings and well-preserved artifacts from that era.

    Wander in Deokjin Park.
    It is unlike any park you’ve ever been to because there is no vast green space where you can just sit and relax, instead, Deokjin Park gives you a chance to explore nature at its best. It has a wooden bridge and an observatory that goes over a lake filled with clusters of lotus flowers.