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      Inverness Train Station

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      Near Eastgate Shopping Centre

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    Safe luggage storage service in Inverness

    Where I can store luggage in Inverness? Stop wasting your time, make a smart decision! Wherever you are, use Radical, the best luggage storage network. Don’t entrust your personal belongings to just anyone. Make sure the storage point you choose is provided by a reliable company and is backed by a guarantee. We entrust only professional local businesses, such as hotels, shops, bike rental or restaurants.

    All-inclusive price

    We know very well that booking a left luggage service for a whole day can cost an arm and a leg but Radical is different! Radical is so affordable! It costs just £5 per day & per bag! You won't find anywhere else such a rate! Thanks to our company, everything changes radically!
    You won't have to queue for endless minutes or pay a lot. Everything is comfortable and inexpensive.

    Welcome to Highlands!

    Inverness is a small city nestled in the heart of the Highlands with a compact dimension, full of historical sights, wonderful bookshops and attractions.
    Known all over the world for its proximity to the legendary Loch Ness, a huge lake with a famous monster lurking in the deep water! Even if it’s not as well know as the capital of Glasgow, all the visitors love it!
    Inverness is appreciated even for its museums! Inverness Museum, for example, it’s a gem where you will learn a lot about the geology of the Highlands and Scotland’s history from Neolithic to the Jacobites.

    Good vibes

    Your day in Inverness would not be complete without a visit to Loch Ness and the Urquhart Castle.
    The former one is a spectacular lake - that probably needs no introduction - where you can take wonderful pictures and if you are lucky you can see Nessie!
    The latter is a historical building with an enchanting view of the massive Loch. If instead, you want to go shopping, the Victorian Market is the place for you!