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    Safe luggage storage in Graz

    Have you ever planned a trip and thought “where can I find a place to store my luggage"? Radical Storage is the answer! You will never again have to lug your bags around the city or worry about keeping them outside. We partner up with local shops, hotels, or restaurants, that offer a safe space for luggage. Whether it's for a few hours or a week, you'll be able to store your bags at the business of your choice, meaning you won't have to carry them around town or pay for overpriced services at the train station.


    Radical Storage | Fixed daily rate

    When you're traveling you don't want to be stuck with your belongings, going from one museum to another, but you also want to save your money. Luckily, Radical Storage offers a great service for a very reasonable price. 
    It costs €5 per bag of any size or weight. Your luggage will be 100% safe with us since we always verify our storage facilities. Also, each piece of luggage is covered by a €3000 guarantee.


    Things to do in Graz

    Visiting Graz for the first time? Graz is a beautiful city located in eastern Austria. It’s known for its cultural heritage, including museums and art galleries, as well as local delicacies and imperial buildings that showcase the city’s rich history.
    This city is everything you would want from an Austrian city, very clean, stunning architecture and just a relaxing place to visit.

    Graz Castle

    Graz is known for many reasons, but its historic appeal is what truly makes it stand out from other popular tourist spots.
    The Graz Schlossberg - also known as the Stone Mountain - which towers over the old town, is one of Graz' famous points of interest. It is a castle on top of a man-made hill that dominates the city and is considered to be one of Graz' most popular attractions and points of pride.
    The reason for its popularity is that it offers a combination of beautiful natural landscapes and historical sightseeing spots.