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    Your secure luggage storage in Dundee

    If decided to visit Dundee but you don’t know where to store your luggage safely, don’t miss the opportunity to try an innovative service! BAGNB provides users with comfortable storage points all over the city. We are not a conventional luggage storage service since you find us at local companies, such as hotels, convenience stores, and even bars. There is no need to stand in line and no hourly rates.

    How much does it cost?

    Dropping off an item of luggage with us is not expensive! We know that you are used to traditional left luggage, but from now on, you can start thinking differently! Radical has an affordable flat rate all over the United Kingdom! It’s £5 per day/bag at no extra charges. Our 24/7 support channel will help you wherever and whenever you are.

    A hidden gem in Scotland

    Dundee is overshadowed by more popular Scottish cities, but it is full of hidden gems. This city basks at the mouth of River Tay and in once it was one of the major ports in Scotland. Nowadays, Dundee is a vivid and young cultural & commercial hub, home to the RRS Discovery - the last British ship built in the traditional style, and the Brough Castle, in which visitors can find a free museum and gallery filled with displays and paintings.

    A spectacular bridge

    If you reach Dundee by train, you’ll surely cross one of the most famous bridges in the UK, the Tay Rail Bridge. It was built between 1872 and 1878, and at that time it was the longest bridge in the country. Unfortunately, in 1879 it collapsed because of a storm causing the death of many people. It was completed again in 1887 and nowadays remains one of the most spectacular railway paths in the whole world.