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    Corigliano Calabro


    You finally have received those holidays that you’ve been dreaming of for the entire year and after some thought, you finally decided which place to go for your well-deserved relax: you’ve chosen Corigliano Calabro, with its amazing golden beaches and crystal clear waters. Now you’ve bought your tickets and the train has arrived, but before diving into the shores of the city, you must leave your belongings in a safe space, so you can enjoy properly your vacation.

    Luckily, Radical Storage is a company that offers a great deal of luggage storage options, scattered all across the world, so you can click on a few buttons and in a moment, you’ll be able to leave your suitcases in a safe space and you can enjoy your trip. You can choose between all of our Angels and you won’t ever regret it.

    Our service offers a convenient fixed price range, with a small fee that will assure you a security coverage up to 3000 euros, but there won’t be any other added charges for the size or the weight of your luggage. In addition, you can always count on our support team, that will be available 24/7 for your needs.

    Corigliano Calabro

    Corigliano Calabro is a small city, nestled in the heart of the Calabria region, in Italy. It is located near the mouth of the river that takes the same name, and it contains an aqueduct. There is also a wonderful medieval castle, on the top of the mountain, that overlooks on the entire city and brights up the surrounding area with its incredible beauty. The town has both wonders of the world, with amazing mountains full of nature, but also beautiful golden beaches and a sea that will leave you with your breath away.

    The city has also a great historical and cultural heritage, going from the Ancient Age up until the current era. Wherever you turn your head, you will find pieces of the history that the city has lived, so you won’t even have to worry about what things to do, while you’re here, because you’ll be swamped with things to do. The area is also really known for its licorice, which is made on a large scale and it is renowned all over the world.

    Things to do in Corigliano Calabro

    As it has been mentioned before, there are countless landmarks to visit, for such a small city as Corigliano Calabro, so you will always be booked and busy with thousands of things to do, no matter the time or the space where you find yourself. For example, one thing that you absolutely cannot skip is the Castello Ducale, a wonderful castle with an imposing architecture and an even more impressive cultural heritage, in the museum that you can find inside the castle itself.

    Another majestic architectural building that you need to visit is the Santa Maria del Patire, a religious complex, so rich in history and culture that will leave you fascinated, dating back to the 1095. Then, you should continue your journey through the Church of Sant’Antonio, one of the territory’s greatest pride, with its sparkling details and rich history.