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    Luggage Storage Cluj-Napoca

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    • Spa

      Cluj-napoca City Centre

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      Near Zoological Museum

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    Exploring Cluj Napoca has never been easier than now!

    You're in Cluj Napoca, but your room isn't ready yet? You have a few hours to visit the city, but your Airbnb can't keep your luggage? Radical is a service that can help you! In Cluj-Napoca, you will find our luggage storage spots everywhere. We are located near stations and monuments.

    How do I book a place for my luggage?

    Even if online booking is mandatory, it's simple and can be completed in a few minutes. You can book on our website or through the Radical app (for iOS and Android). We have a long list of Angels (the name we gave our collaborators), click on your favorite one! It costs €5 per day per bag. There are no restrictions!

    An artistic paradise

    Being the second-largest city in Romania, Cluj Napoca has something for everyone! Lovers of fine arts, in particular, will be impressed by everything there is to see in the city. A very renowned attraction is the Church of St. Michael that is one of the largest Gothic churches in Romania. From this historic building, you can start a long and amazing tour along the street of the city center, where you will meet magnificent buildings in Baroque style and medieval towers.

    3 awesome places to visit in Cluj-Napoca

    Attraction number 1: The Cluj-Napoca Central Park - In addition to hosting the University of Arts and Design, this urban park is perfect to take a walk in nature or admire wonderful landscapes. Attraction number 2: Unirii Square - It's the largest square in Cluj-Napoca, packed with all kind of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Attraction number 3 - The National Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia - the first open-air museum in Romania that hosts a huge piece of the country's history.