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    Luggage Storage Christchurch

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      Christchurch Bus Station

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      New Regent Street

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      Bishopdale Park

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      Near Isaac Theatre Royal

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      City Mall

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      Christchurch City Centre

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      Oxford Terrace

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    Your luggage storage in Christchurch City

    The service guaranteed by Radical is useful and cheap. Useful because you find us in every corner of the city, cheap because leaving a bag with us costs you only 8NZ $ a day. Radical is the first luggage storage network that you can find in all the most important cities in the world, close to the main places of interest.

    Our Angels are always on your side

    Reserving a safe place for your luggage now is very simple. Use our platform to find the Angel closest to you, reach it and leave your burdens! Perhaps you think that such a service costs a fortune, you are wrong! You can take advantage of Radical by paying a fixed fee of 8NZ $! Yes, we have not typed the wrong words, only $ 8NZ per day! There are no hourly rates or extra costs.

    Cristchurch o Ōtautahi

    Christchurch is called in Maori Ōtautahi and is the largest city in the South of New Zealand. It was founded in the late 1800s by John Robert Godley, an English tory. For this very reason, it has been influenced by Great Britain both culturally and politically.

    What to see and do in Christchurch

    The English style is also reflected in the architecture and civil buildings of the city. The will of the settlers, in fact, was to reproduce a small Victorian England in a place far from the motherland. The most important places of interest in Christchurch are certainly the Cathedral, located in the Old Town, the Christchurch Arts Center and the Canterbury Museum, where ancient maps of Antarctica of great historical interest are preserved.