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    Your secure luggage storage in Bremen

    Are you strolling around the city with a bulky suitcase? Why? You can get rid of it right now! Radical is there for you! You find us all over the city! Our service is different from the one you find at the HBF (the Central Station), Radical allows you to leave your bags at local companies, such as restaurants, hotels and so on. We don't have lockers but people in flesh and blood always ready to take care of your belongings!

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    Wherever you are, you'll find comfortable locations to leave your bags! Enter the website or, alternatively, download the app. Enable geolocation on your device and find out the nearest left luggage! We don't provide you with the address on this webpage but you'll view all the details as soon as you book! Drop-off and pick-up take just a few minutes! In this way, you won't waste time! Moreover, the price is incredible! It's €5 a day, per item!

    Your favourite fairy tale

    Bremen is known worldwide for the fairy tale entitled "The Town Musicians of Bremen" rewritten by the Grimm brothers in the early 1800s. In the Old Town, there is a statue dedicated to the protagonists of this story: a donkey, a rooster, a dog, and a cat. This monument is located on Schoppensteel 1, not far from the Town Hall and the Central Market.

    What to see in Bremen

    Bremen, like other cities in Germany and North Europe is famous for its Christmas Market. Anyway, even if you are visiting the city during the summer, the city has a lot to offer!
    The Cathedral dedicated to St Peter is one of the favorite attractions in the city. This building is located very close to Market Hall. And if you want to visit a museum, don't miss the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum or the Kunsthalle Bremen.