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    Luggage Storage Belgrade

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      Republic Square

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      Belgrade Brankov Most

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      Belgrade City Centre

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      The Temple Of Saint Sava

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      House Of The National Assembly

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      Pijaca Skadarlija

      09:00 - 01:00
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      Tasmajdan Park

      17:00 - 01:00
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      Belgrade Old Town

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    Your luggage storage in Belgrade

    Belgrade flights sometime arrive early in the morning or leave late at night, and that can cause you some problems. You’re probably guessing where this is going. That’s right, we are talking about your suitcases, this annoying burden that you’re stuck with because your hotel doesn’t offer luggage storage options. Instead of spending a fortune on luggage lockers in airports or train stations, use Radical, a luggage storage network. Our luggage storage is located all over the world and in Belgrade, Serbia. We even have a luggage storage at the Train Station so you don’t have to waste a second when you arrive or before leaving Belgrade.

    Security and affordability

    All of our locations are near public transportation or popular attractions, allowing you to explore what you haven’t had time to yet. Plus, we are affiliated with local businesses like restaurants, hotels, bike rentals, cafés, etc. giving you a unique experience every time you travel the world. You probably think such a service must be expensive, but that’s where you’re wrong! It only costs €5 per day and bag to be worry-free! You don’t have to worry about security since our professional team verified every Angel. Plus, every luggage storage options are either locked or under surveillance, so your bags are safe and sound!

    Belgrade and its history

    Belgrade has quite a long history and is one of Europe’s oldest cities. If you like learning more about a city you’re visiting, Belgrade has a lot of attractions to offer. You can look on any travel blog on Google to help you out, but we have a few we would like to recommend:
    Museum of the Banjica Concentration Camp: a museum dedicated to the memory of the prisoners and victims of the Nazi concentration camp.
    Museum of Yugoslavia: a museum with a long history and worth the visit.
    Belgrade Fortress: is the old citadel and an urban of the new modern Belgrade.
    Princess Ljubica’s Residence: a cultural and architectural monument of culture and of exceptional importance.

    Not enough? Don’t worry!

    If you are staying in the City Centre, it’s the perfect place to be as you’re in the middle of all the attractions. If you want an authentic Serbian food experience, this popular and wild restaurant called Restoran Tabor serves traditional food that you’ll never forget. After your meal, hit the Kafana Pavle Korčagin and experience the best nightlife of your life. With traditional music to people dancing on tables, you will stay awake until late at night! The next day, if you don’t have much energy for sightseeing, why don’t you go shopping at Belgrade Design District and forget how much you partied last night?