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    Luggage storage in Amiens

    Have you ever been in the situation when you arrive in a new city to discover that your hotel check-in isn't for another few hours? Or even worse, you have a late-night train and don't know where to leave your bags meanwhile.  Here is the answer - Radical Storage! It offers an easy way to get rid of your bags.
    Download the app or book a place for your bag on our website and you'll be able to leave your bags in a local shop, restaurant, hotel, etc. We've carefully verified our storage partners to ensure safety and a positive experience. 

    Radical Storage | Safe and affordable service

    Save yourself the hassle of storing your items at a train station or airport!
    Radical Storage develope an online platform and app for simple luggage storage service with affordable rates.
    With Radical Storage, we offer you the ease of storing your items in our facilities at a rate of €5 per bag. Our daily rate includes a guarantee for each of your luggage!
    Radical Storage has thousands of positive reviews from our customers that you can check out!

    Explore Amiens

    Amiens is a picturesque city on the banks of the Somme River, just two hours from Paris. Home to a beautiful Gothic cathedral and the incredible floating gardens of Hortillonnages, the city of Amiens is known as the "Venice of the North".
    This small town in Northern France has much to offer its visitors, including a captivating view of the Somme River, centuries-old architecture, and charming waterways.

    Amiens Cathedral

    Stretch your legs and explore France’s largest 13th-century Gothic cathedral, located in the heart of Amiens. With its beautiful architecture, the cathedral has evolved into one of the most important artistic creations to come out of Europe in the Middle Ages.
    The perfect balance of proportions gives it a rare aesthetic quality. The richness and variety of sculptures make it one of the most beautiful examples of French medieval sculpture.