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Consigna de equipaje en Chester

Mejor Ubicación de Consigna de Equipaje en Chester

£ 5
La dirección completa y los contactos se mostrarán una vez que hays reservado. Se necesita una reserva online.
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Seguro y garantizado

Todas las ubicaciones son seguras y están garantizadas y todo el equipaje que se deja a través de la plataforma puede estar cubierto por la garantía de Radical Storage.

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Your safe luggage storage in Chester!

You've arrived in Chester but you don't want to carry a heavy suitcase. From now on, you can leave it to friendly and professional teams (called Angels) who will take care of all your belongings. Each Angel has been carefully checked and can be a restaurant, a hotel, bike rental or a cafè. Reserving a place for your bags with us is a breeze! You can find the nearest luggage storage in a few seconds and book it online directly.

Radical will become your travel savior

Whether you travel for leisure or an important business trip, Radical will always be by your side, in fact, we are everywhere!
All our facilities are well-situated! They can be near popular landmarks, main train stations, and busiest areas of the city. Our service is low-cost: it's only £5 per day, per piece of luggage! You won't have to pay more if you have a suitcase a little heavier than usual or if you want to deposit a bicycle case.

Be mesmerized by Chester's beauty

Chester has a valuable historical heritage and beautiful buildings right in the heart of the city. It's also famous for its ancient defensive walls and historic racecourse.
In the past, many different populations lived in this area. They all have left an indelible mark on Chester's architecture. That's why you'll find different attractions and styles.
During your visit to the city, you should not forget to see the Roman Amphitheater or the medieval cathedral.

What to see in the city

If you are passionate about history and culture, the Grosvenor Museum will be your paradise! Inside you'll find the most monumental Roman tombstones in the country and behind the museum, you'll see a perfectly preserved Georgian house. Two great attractions to visit if you're traveling with your family are the Blue Planet Aquarium and the Zoo. Chester is also famous for being a vibrant city that organizes a lot of events, such as the Chester Santa Dash or the Prosecco Festival.