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Book your luggage storage in Alessandria

When you visit a new city, you have many plans and many attractions to visit. Dragging a heavy suitcase makes everything much more difficult, don't you agree? Don't you worry about it anymore because Radical helps you! You can easily book luggage storage by using our app or entering the website. Select your luggage storage, fill in the form and you will be sent all contact information of our partner.

Radical is your reliable lu

All our locations are strategic. You will find our facilities near transit nodes, popular landmarks, and even museums. We have partnerships with public businesses that have been verified by our team. Apart from storing your bags, our Angels (the name we give our collaborators) can offer a variety of additional services and discounts. Radical is low-cost, in fact, it's €5 per day, per piece of luggage.

Welcome to Alessandria, Italy

Alessandria is filled with monuments, cathedrals, and museums! One of the most popular attractions is the Saint Peter's Cathedral that was built in the early 19th century and that boasts a stunning exterior, as well as a carefully decorated interior.
Did you know Alessandria is known for the high-quality of its hat manufacture? Go to the Museo del Cappello Borsalino to learn more about it! From the classic Arco di Trionfo to the modern Meier Bridge, in Alessandria there is something for all tastes!

Best things to do

Even if Alessandria is not popular amongst tourists, it's a hidden gem that has so much to offer to everyone! One of the most popular places is Piazza Garibaldi, a square featuring great examples of architecture, large markets, and many cafes. While in Alessandria, remember to taste a plate of fresh Italian pasta or enter a bar to try a homemade dessert or a perfect espresso.
The city is also perfect as a destination for an out-of-town trip if you are on holiday in Turin, Milan or Genoa.