Камера хранения около Багажа Рядом С Варшавским Железнодорожным Музеем

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8 минут от Варшавского железнодорожного музея

6 минут от интерактивного музея пинбола "Pinball Station"

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September 2023

Мой опыт?

In general, the impressions were positive, but only after I met the guy who took my things. Due to the lack of signage, or any signage at all, near the property, I waited a long time and walked past it several times. And it was VERY INCONVENIENT. You don’t always have a suitcase on wheels, and even if you do, circling around the building when you are so close, but don’t know that you are already there, is so-so. So, my review: YOU NEED A SIGN THAT IT IS YOU. The interaction with the guy who picked up the items was positive, he was polite and friendly. I also want to add that, oddly enough, not everyone knows English or Polish, for example, using Google translator for travel, then there should be people in support who know different languages for communication, that would be very cool. I hope my review helps you become a better person, that's all.

Olga Yevtukh

June 2023


Очень дружелюбный Хост

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