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    Luggage Storage Toulon

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      Toulon Train Station

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      Gare De Toulon

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      Toulon City Center

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      Parc Du Pré Sandin

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      Av Jean Rambaud

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      Toulon Railway Station




    Best luggage storage service in Toulon

    Are you tired of having to carry your luggage around the first or last day of your stay in Toulon? Radical storage provides a solution for all of your travel issues. We offer an easy solution for storing your luggage when you want to go sightseeing end enjoy your last hours in the city. It means that you don’t have to carry your bags with you and can leave them wherever you wish, whenever you want and for as long as you like.

    Radical Storage | Daily rate

    Radical Storage is the leading luggage storage service in Toulon. You can book a storage space from your smartphone with the Radical Storage app or website in just a few minutes. The service in Toulon costs €5 per bag per day including a security guarantee for each item left. With us, there are no queues, no additional fees, and no luggage weight or size limits!
    Use our luggage storage service to keep your bags safe and out of the way while you enjoy your time away from home!

    Things to do in Toulon, France

    If you are looking for sun, sea, sightseeing, culture, friendliness, history, and great food, the French Riviera will offer all of this with a large portion of good taste. Toulon is a port town that has many buildings dating back to the 17th century. These buildings house several restaurants, antique shops, and boutiques.
    The city has also a rich military history, dating back time ago to when it was used as a naval base by the army of Napoleon.

    Toulon famous landmarks

    If you're looking to explore the French Riviera from a new location, then look no further than Toulon. With its own sparkling history, pristine beaches, and lush forests - there's something for everyone.
    Toulon is one of the main French naval bases and has a major French Navy installation near the old town. It is home to some of France's most important naval museums, such as the National Maritime Museum that exhibits maritime artifacts.