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February 2024

Rather dodgy place. 2 floors of steep stairs to reach the reception (not ideal if you have heavy luggage as I had). The luggage were not stored in a secured area, just in front of the reception desk, where apparently the owner/manager is rarely there (from what I saw) . Nobody to receive me when I had to drop my luggage. I spent my entire day thinking if I would ever see my luggage again and thinking it was a bad idea to leave them there. When I went to pick them up, also nobody was there, just some people (guests?) who were cooking and didn't know where the owner/manager was. In the end I just picked my luggage up and left, with no control... anybody could have taken them.

Ben Sanetra

August 2023

Not the storage you would expect but lovely people working there

Well it doesn’t look like a storage at all, we’ve put our bags and luggage in the room that had a washing machine in and a lot of clothes. There is no secured boxes or lockers just put it on the floors however to get to that place you need to go through the reception and the door is locked. For that price I would have expected a better storage but the people in there well very accommodating and friendly. I do recommend it to leave it there for a couple of hours.

Angelique Klar

February 2023

no supervision - central location

The location is in Chinatown in a backpackers hostel. There was no supervisor towards the luggage, which to us was a lack of safety. The luggage was stored in the washing room, together with dirty laundry and accessible for everyone

Alice Ridley

December 2022

Didn’t put me at ease

I booked with clarke quay, showed up to the location during business hours to find the staff member not there, the guests there were very confused about what I was trying to do and thought I was trying to check in… I had somewhere I needed to be so I dropped off my luggage into a very communal space and left very unsure if it was secure or not. Two weeks later I showed up to collect my luggage, again no staff member present and no one asked me for proof before I took my luggage, to me this does not seem like a secure system. Lastly the “room” i stored my luggage was also the hostel guests clothing drying area so my suitcase was wet from people washing clothes??? Not what I expected and i wouldn’t use this specific “Angel” again.


November 2022

Very insecure

The location of the storage is perfect, however there is no security… there is storage in a youth hostel which is very dirty and the luggage is left in a room which is not closed and where showers and washing machines so the entire hostel has access to this room. In addition, when I went to get my luggage, there was no one at the reception and I was able to retrieve my bag without any verification. Anyone can enter without any security for the bags. $8 for such little security I find it very expensive, I spent the day stressing about whether I was going to find my bag on the way back.


October 2022

Super convenient! But little bit scared for stolen.

a bit scared for security!

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