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    A luggage storage Sheffield? Try Radical!

    Of course, you can get rid of your heavy baggage with no effort, just use Radical! We founded a large luggage storage network that now is spread all over the world (in Sheffield as well) to allow our users to simplify their travel. Radical isn't just an efficient service, but also a way of life. By using our luggage storage in Sheffield you can experience a better way of spending your time. You won't have to queue up for leaving your baggage because the check-in operations with Radical take only 3 minutes.

    Cheap price

    Radical is a practical and cheap service that gives you the opportunity to drop off your luggage inside verified local activities (such as restaurants, shops of any kind or hotels). You will pay just 5 a day! So let yourself be pampered by our staff and keep on exploring Sheffield. We have no weight or size limits and each bag deposited is covered by a €3000 guarantee.

    Visit Sheffield

    Visit Sheffield and discover why this beautiful city is one of the most visited in South Yorkshire. This old city is less than an hour from Manchester and just one hour from Liverpool. You will never be stuck for things to do in Sheffield because it's rich in history, culture, and arts. If you like nature, Sheffield can be the perfect destination for your travel thanks to the Peak District, a place where you can do a lot of activities such as trail walking, cycling or horse riding.

    The Millenium Gallery

    At the heart of the city is the Millenium Gallery, a premier destination for craft, arts, and design. Here you can see a permanent Metalwork Collection that made the city world famous. Each year over 800,000 visitors go to see the wonderful Ruskin Collection. The name of this gallery comes from the writer John Ruskin, who decided to form this collection in order to inspire the workers of manufacturing cities. Twice each year the items of Ruskin Collection are changed. Furthermore, inside the Millenium Gallery you can see temporary exhibitions as well.