Luggage Storage N Seoul Tower

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near N Seoul Tower

6 minutes from Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center

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Saturday15 Jun

09:00 - 22:00

Sunday16 Jun

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Monday17 Jun

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Tuesday18 Jun

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Friday21 Jun

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Perrine LE GAL

October 2023



April 2023



Natalia Polukhtin

March 2023

Easy to find, hard to get in

When I arrived at the storage place (it was a hostel), the door was locked. The note on a door instructed to contact through the local phone number (I do not have sim to do that), local messenger (that I did not want to install) or Instagram. I did Instagram messenger and never got a response. Luckily, some tenant of the hostel let me in and connected me to the Angel. I was instructed “just to leave my suitcases there”. I mean, no dedicated place of storage, just in a hallway of a hostel with a traffic of transient people. In fact, this is where I found my luggage when I came to pick it up. So, I guess it must be safe. Funny detail - two days later, when I already returned home with my bags, I received a message stating that I did not pick up my luggage and will be charges for the storage. Apparently, the Angel did not clock me in.

Lesya Zhuro

December 2022

good service, good host

I liked the host. Everything is simple, no problem. Not was there even a little later than the closing time of the guesthouse (10pm), received me and gave me a suitcase. Thanks!

Sheryl Tan

November 2022

Valuable and affordable service

We booked it last minute. Late evening day before. Booking was fast and convenient. It was near Myeongdong station on the way to the cable car for Seoul tower but was uphill so it was tiring to reach it with the heavy luggages. We also had a hard time reaching the angel when we are dropping off the luggage but we have to consider that we booked it really late and we were also running late that time (heavy luggages plus first time finding the place). Picking it up is easier. The luggages will just roll naturally downhill and the angel was readily available. It was still a good decision for us to avail of this service. This is a very affordable alternate solution compared to the lockers and the baggage services in the station. Charge is per day per bag versus per hour charges and dependent on bag size. We were able to pick up the bags later than the scheduled time but there were no additional charges (accidentally booked the earliest pickup time). The angel runs a guesthouse so, if the drop off/pickup time is close to the operational time of guesthouses, then I think you will not have an issue with the angel's availability. No issues with security - our luggages were kept safe. Overall we had a good experience with the service. It was our first time to try it and we are willing to avail of the service again if we need to travel lighter for the duration of our trip. Thank you for offering this service!

David Liu

October 2022

Annoying that location was hidden, but useful service in the end

He was great

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