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    For a delightful Italian getaway, consider San Remo as your ideal destination. And when it comes to convenient and secure luggage storage in San Remo, Radical Storage has got you covered!

    Radical Storage presents a reliable and user-friendly solution for your luggage storage needs in the beautiful city of Sanremo. We've established a wide network of collaborations with local businesses, ensuring secure spots for your belongings in key areas of the city. These trusted partners, referred to as our Angels, are easily located through our website or app.

    Your time is precious, right? We know. With just a few clicks, you can identify the nearest Angel and drop off your items for a set fee of €5 per day/bag, regardless of its size or weight. Additionally, we provide a security guarantee of up to €3000 for your peace of mind. And should you have any inquiries, our dedicated 24/7 customer service team is always at your disposal. Dive into the charm of Sanremo without the burden of your luggage, knowing it's in safe hands.

    Sanremo, Italy

    Sanremo, often referred to as the "City of Flowers," is a picturesque coastal town founded by the Romans and beautifully situated in the Liguria region of Italy. This Mediterranean gem, renowned for its mild climate, lush gardens, and the title "Pearl of the Riviera dei Fiori," beckons tourists seeking a serene escape.

    Its historical tapestry is rich, evident from its Belle Époque architecture to the winding medieval alleys of La Pigna. Not just a retreat for nature and history lovers, Sanremo is also the nerve center of Italian music, especially during the week-long Sanremo Music Festival held in February. This annual event has launched many Italian musicians to fame. Moreover, Sanremo is celebrated for the prestigious cycling classic Milan-Sanremo, high-quality extra virgin olive oil production, palm-fringed Sanremo beaches, luxurious casinos, and the scenic Parco Costiero della Riviera dei Fiori. Easily accessible from Genoa, a trip to Sanremo promises a mix of cultural treasures and relaxation, with an added charm if visited during the music festival.

    Getting to Sanremo

    While Sanremo doesn't have its own airport, the nearest major international gateway is Nice Côte d'Azur Airport in France, approximately an hour's drive away. You can start your journey here by flying into Nice, savoring the charm of the South of France. After a detour to the luxurious Monte Carlo to the east, it's a smooth transition to continue to Sanremo. From Nice airport, options to get to Sanremo include renting a car, taking a shuttle bus, or catching a train (The train from Nice to Sanremo usually takes 1 hour 21 minutes on average to travel 44 km). Thus, within a short span, you can transition from the French Riviera to the Italian coast, making the most of both worlds.

    What to do while in Sanremo

    Sanremo, exuding a Mediterranean vibe, boasts captivating architecture and breathtaking seaside vistas that are bound to mesmerize you! Explore the top activities in Sanremo:

    La Pigna. Delve into Sanremo's ancient "old city" district, often likened to a pine cone for its unique layout. This medieval maze of alleys, stairways, and arches spirals from the hilltop, leading to historical sites like the Sanctuary of Madonna della Costa and the central Piazza San Siro.

    Co-cathedral of San Siro. The oldest and significant religious monument in Sanremo, the Co-cathedral of San Siro offers insight into the town's spiritual heritage and architectural beauty.

    Visit Villa Ormond and its Gardens. Located in the heart of the city, this park is an oasis of greenery and tranquility. Its gardens are influenced by various global styles, including English, Japanese, and French.

    Casino of Sanremo. An architectural gem of Art Nouveau, the Casino di Sanremo is more than a gambler's haven. With its opulent interiors and rich history, it's a must-visit in Sanremo. Even if you don't gamble, admiring its structure is worthwhile. Entry is free but reserved for adults only.

    Villa Nobel, once the residence of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and the visionary behind the renowned Nobel Prize, named in his honor, showcases his personal effects and offers insight into the life and work of this influential figure. Sanremo beaches. Sanremo boasts a lovely coastline. Spend a day sunbathing or swimming at the popular Tre Ponti or Lido Imperatrice beaches.