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San Antonio and its Radical luggage storage

Radical offers to all its users a very large baggage deposits’ network. We were born in Italy, but we have quickly expanded in Europe and in the world. Radical is a company that has stood out over time for seriousness and reliability. Thousands of customers have already the positive opinion of us and continue to rely on our service. Our mission is to improve the quality of your holiday, allowing you to optimize your stay in the city.

A fast and cheap service

If you are wondering how much does such a service cost, the sentences you are about to read will leave you speechless. Depositing a bag, a suitcase or a trolley at our points (called Angels) costs only $6 a day. We also don’t have weight and size limits, and we always choose trustworthy partners.

What to see in San Antonio

In all the cities of Texas there is something interesting to visit, but San Antonio is definitely the richest in history and culture. As you know, the city takes its name from a very famous Catholic saint: Saint Anthony of Padua. San Antonio was founded, precisely, by Spanish Catholic explorers and missionaries who arrived in that area on the day of the celebration of this saint: 13 June 1691.

Downtown district

The city of San Antonio was built around the main churches. The most famous is Fort Alamo which was used in the past as a place to defend from Mexican attacks.
The downtown district is called Villita and is a very nice place, full of parks, restaurants, cafes, and shops. The particularity of this area certainly lies in the variety of architectural styles.