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    If you're looking for secure luggage storage in the heart of Salt Lake City, Radical Storage, the first luggage storage network.
    Born in Italy and spreading around the world in a few years, Radical Storage has a platform that allows you to book reliable luggage storage in seconds and anywhere in the world.
    If you're desperately looking for a way to get rid of heavy bags, all you have to do is type our name into your search engine and open the website or download the dedicated app.
    Enabling geolocation, you'll find all the available storage points in the area, and you'll also know their operating hours. Remember that some of our partners are open 24 hours.

    Storing luggage has never been easier!

    Storing luggage with Radical Storage is super easy and only costs $6 daily. The rate applies to each piece of luggage stored and does not include any additional fees.
    Unlike lockers, there are no queues at our partners, and check-in and check out our fast and contactless.
    Reservations are flexible. You can add new suitcases and change schedules.
    Remember, however, to always comply with the operating hours of the chosen point. For further information, please contact the customer service.

    Salt Lake City at glance

    Salt Lake City is Utah's capital and the most populous city in the state. Like all large inland U.S. cities, it boasts a rich history and plenty of outdoor activities.
    Getting to the city is easy thanks to the Salt Lake City Airport and the many buses that travel to Utah from all over America.
    Utah can be visited throughout the year, although the most recommended times are from June to September when there is very little precipitation.
    Let's find out now what are the most beautiful and interesting attractions in Salt Lake City.

    Things to do in Salt Lake City

    One of the most popular landmarks is Temple Square, a vast garden square overlooked by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The square was designated a national historic district in 1964.
    Another must-see attraction is the Red Butte Garden, a rich botanical garden with an amphitheater run by the University of Utah.
    Among the best-loved museums is the Natural History Museum of Utah, where you'll meet Lucy, see several dinosaur skeletons and other prehistoric animals.
    If you're interested in parks, we recommend Liberty Park and Ensign Peak Park, where you can enjoy breathtaking views.