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      Saint Petersburg Vitebsky Station

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      St. Nicholas Cathedral

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    Saint Petersburg


    Our travel Angel in Saint Petersburg, Russia

    What if you'd arrive in the morning and your hotel isn't ready for check-in until midday? You will have to wait with your bulky bags and won't be able to enjoy your day. Looking for Saint Petersburg luggage storage can be surprisingly easy and convenient with a little bit of planning. With Radical, you can book in a few clicks and safely store your gear for a daily price of ₽ 365 per bag. We refer to our store locations as Angels: in Saint Petersburg, these travel Angels are located in many convenient tourist locations, including the area next to Vitebsky Station. So, book your place and don’t waste your time!

    Discover the most impressive attractions in the city

    Every local would say that Moscow is the capital of Russia, but Saint Petersburg is its cultural capital. There are so many exciting sights to see, and you shouldn't miss them! First of all, you need to visit The Winter Palace (Zimniy dvorets) and step back in time to explore how the Royal family used to live. It is the largest palace in the city and the finest example of Russian Baroque. Also, don't forget to hit the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral called by locals the Sailors' Cathedral. It's a major Baroque Orthodox cathedral made up of two separate churches on two different floors.

    Are you wondering what the weather is like in St. Petersburg?

    The Russian city has a continental climate with pleasant cloudy summers and long cold winters. The average winter temperature varies from -10° to 2° degrees instead, in summer it varies from 18° to 27° degrees. Did you know that Saint Petersburg is the city of white nights? In May and June, there are Northern nights, and it doesn't get dark all 24 hours. It is absolutely amazing, and you should definitely enjoy romantic walks along the Neva River during this time of the year.

    Lively Russian nightlife

    St Petersburg is one of the most popular destinations in Russia. If you are not a huge fan of historical sights and museums, you will definitely enjoy Saint Petersburg Russian nightlife. You can eat, dance and drink in every corner of the city. From cocktail bars and fine restaurants to underground pubs and disco clubs, there's enough for everyone. Furthermore, the locals are very friendly and would be glad to meet you and have fun.