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    There's no place in North America quite like Québec City for your vacation destination. So, if you've already chosen this city for your weekend getaway, free yourself from the hassle of heavy suitcases by using a reliable luggage storage service in Québec City. Lean on Radical Storage for help!

    We offer handy luggage storage solutions in Quebec City, ensuring you roam the city carefree. Whether you're here for two days or an extended stay, Radical Storage eases your journey with our array of cost-effective and secure luggage storage facilities throughout Quebec.

    Our partners, often referred to as Angels, are chosen from a range of reliable local businesses. They facilitate swift luggage storage when you visit Quebec, eliminating the need to lug your bags around throughout the day. At a set price of CAD$ 8 per day for each bag and a security guarantee of up to €3000, why lumber through Quebec City with weighty luggage when Radical Storage lets you traverse light-footed?

    Quebec City, Canada

    Québec, often hailed as the heart of French Canada, seamlessly melds European allure with North American dynamism. Established in 1608 along the St. Lawrence River, Québec City is among North America's most ancient cities and the first European settlement north of Mexico. Its venerable district, Québec Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, mesmerizes visitors with its cobblestone streets and splendid 17th-century edifices. The towering presence of the iconic Château Frontenac adds to the city's dramatic beauty. Beyond its historical tapestry, Québec teems with vibrant arts, festivals, and gastronomic treasures. The province of Québec, with its sprawling landscapes, offers diverse experiences ranging from the cosmopolitan life in Montréal to the tranquil beauty of the Laurentian Mountains. Proudly cherishing its French-Canadian roots while fostering innovation, Québec City stands as a nexus of culture, adventure, and natural splendor, offering both historical charm and the tranquility of nature nearby.

    Québec City is close enough for a long weekend trip. It takes only 2.5 hrs by car to get to Quebec City from Montreal or 1.5 hr flight from New York or Toronto.

    How to get from the Quebec City Airport to Downtown?

    The distance between the Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport and Old Quebec is approximately 16 kilometers. You can take a taxi or bus from the Québec Airport to the city center. Taking an airport taxi from Quebec City airport to downtown Quebec is the most convenient and quick way to get about. The cab ride takes approximately 20 minutes and costs €27 (CAD 35.10). You can also take the Line 80 bus from Quebec City airport to Old Town Quebec; the trip takes 50 minutes and costs €2.90 (CAD 3.75) per person.

    What is the best season for a vacation in Quebec City?

    For those seeking warm weather, Québec City is ideal from June to October. Summer is bustling, while autumn showcases mesmerizing fall colors. Winter, particularly January and February, is cold but perfect for snow activities and the carnival. A good jacket and boots make it manageable. Spring, in contrast, offers a quieter ambiance. Each season in Québec City has its unique charm.

    Best places to visit in Québec

    Québec City, with its rich history and welcoming atmosphere, is a year-round travel gem. Each season offers unique activities and breathtaking views. Use this list of highlights to craft the perfect trip and don't forget to pack your comfortable walking shoes; this quaint town's ups and downs promise stunning views at every twist and turn.

    Old Quebec (Vieux-Québec): A UNESCO World Heritage site, this historic district is the heart of Quebec City. Wander its cobbled lanes, explore top historical landmarks, and immerse yourself in the area's rich legacy, captivating history, and European allure. The atmosphere is festive, inviting, and incredibly safe.

    La Citadelle: Serving as an active military installation for the Royal 22nd Regiment, this fortress offers guided tours that dive deep into Canadian military history.

    Château Frontenac: Snap a picture of the world's most photographed hotel. This iconic symbol of the city offers stunning views of the St. Lawrence River and is a must-see architectural masterpiece.
    Plains of Abraham (Battlefields Park): This historic site was where the pivotal Battle of Quebec took place in 1759. Now, it's a vast urban park with its numerous cannons, commemorative plaques, and monuments offering exhibitions, tours, and recreational activities.

    Petit-Champlain District: Known for its picturesque streets, historic sites, and artisan shops, this area is especially magical during the winter months with its beautiful decorations and festive atmosphere.