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    Luggage storage Pistoia

    Radical Storage is the largest luggage storage network in Italy and worldwide. We offer safe, affordable, and accessible storage locations in over 400 cities. Leave your bags in a safe place at any time of year, and discover Pistoia hassle-free!
    Our team has carefully selected the most convenient shops, restaurants, or hotels near main trains stations and popular attractions! With our local partners in every city, we make sure that you can store your bags quickly and easily wherever you are traveling.

    Radical Storage | Daily rate

    We're the most competitive storage provider in the area, offering a fixed rate of 5€ per bag per day, regardless of luggage size and weight. Our special daily rate includes a guarantee that protects your valuables.
    We've also got a simple app with which you can book up to 24 hours before arrival using your smartphone. Otherwise, you can find and book a storage solution on our website with a few clicks.
    Our business model provides consumers with a simple solution, which allows everyone to store their belongings easily at low cost and high quality.

    Pistoia, Tuscany

    Pistoia is a beautiful little city in Tuscany with a relaxed atmosphere which makes it very charming. It's located halfway between Florence and Pisa, which means it's a great stop for tourists on their way to either of those two cities.
    You'll find plenty to do, including visiting museums, checking out old churches, and enjoying delicious food. With its rich cultural heritage picturesque architecture with arches, palaces, art collections and churches, it has plenty to offer – not to mention its spectacular surroundings.

    Pistoia Cathedral

    Pistoia is a breathtaking preserved example of an Italian Renaissance city. It is home to one of Tuscany's best-kept Old Town, and its charms have attracted visitors for centuries.
    The city has many architectural gems and stunning monuments, including the Duomo (Cathedral of Saint Zeno). This stunning cathedral was probably built in the 10th century and is home to many masterpieces and works of art.