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Luggage storage Penn Station

Luggage storage Penn Station

Open 24/7
Penn Station
Luggage storage Grand Central New York City

Luggage storage Grand Central New York City

Open 24/7
Grand Central Terminal
Luggage Storage Pennsylvania

Luggage Storage Pennsylvania

Open 24/7
Penn Station
Luggage Storage Hell's Kitchen

Luggage Storage Hell's Kitchen

Open 24/7
Hell's Kitchen
Luggage Storage Upper Manhattan

Luggage Storage Upper Manhattan

Open 24/7
Upper Manhattan

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Very convenient!
August 2021
The owner of the gift shop were we left our luggage was really nice and we were relieved to be able to explore the area without having to carry all our stuff. Thank you !
Mariem R.
Drop the pain
July 2021
I felt lucky that i googled and got to know about this service. I appreciate the thoughts behind this service.
Madhura P.
Easy and convenient luggage storage
May 2021
The place was extremely close to Penn Station, my luggage was handled with care and it gave me peace of mind to do last minute shopping in the city, I recommend their service for anyone visiting New York since it’s easy, affordable and secure.
Adlin N.B.
July 2021
My whole experience with the "Angel" was excellent. He was friendly and very helpful!
Ana V.
Good price and convenient option
June 2021
I really liked leaving my luggage at storage and enjoying my time in the city
Almas B.

How much is it?

4.90 USD
per day/item
No weight or size limits

Store luggage in New York City at the cheapest service!

Even if finding secure and affordable luggage storage in New York City seems like a daunting task, Radical Storage can help you with an easy-to-use, fast, and affordable service. With our platform, solving the luggage dilemma will become a breeze!

Luggage Storage in NYC with Radical Storage

If you need to store your bags in a safe place without spending a lot of money, Radical Storage is the solution you are looking for.
Ours is the first and largest luggage storage network all around the world. We have designed a fixed daily rate to meet the needs of all travelers.
With Radical Storage, you can store your luggage in NYC and get back to relaxing.
At only $4.90 per day and per piece of luggage, you can maximize your time and enjoy your vacation!

Why choose Radical Storage for luggage storage in NYC?

Storing your luggage with Radical Storage will let you rest easily! Some of the countless benefits of our luggage storage service are:

  • Widespread presence - Our luggage storage points are located in every district of the city;
  • Fixed price at no extra charges - You can store your bags paying $4.90, and that's it! There are no additional fees of any kind and no weight or size limits either;
  • Vetted partners - We call them Angels, and they are hotels, restaurants, stores, and offices with guarded spaces or locked rooms. They are ready to greet you with a smile and take care of your belongings for as long as you wish;
  • Security guarantee - each of your luggage is covered by a security guarantee of up to €3000;
  • Open 24/7 - Many of our luggage storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
These are just a few of the strengths of our fantastic service!

Luggage storage New York City | How it works

How many times has good technology saved your life? It's going to save your life now, too, as you walk around New York with the burden of your luggage!
All you need is an internet connection to book your luggage storage in NYC!

  1. 1. Type in the URL of our website or download our handy app (available for iOS and Android);
  2. 2. Enter the desired address on the search bar or use geolocation;
  3. 3. Tap on the Angel that suits you and click on "Book Now";
Once you have made your choice, you can pay with your credit card or other secure payment methods. You'll receive a confirmation in which you'll view the full address and other details to reach the storage location.
  • On the confirmation, you'll also find a QR code essential for check-in and check-out. The QR code allows you to properly check in your baggage and allows the Angel to recognize it immediately.
Dropping off your luggage is even easier with our map!

luggage storage New York City

Luggage storage near NYC subway and train stations

It’s important to be familiar with New York's public transportation system to get around quickly and easily. Find out now where to store your luggage near the most important stations in the city.

Only with Radical Storage can you get rid of your bags near Penn Station for only $4.90 per day.
There's no luggage storage option right inside the station, but you can find our partner just a few feet from the main entrance.
Other storage locations’ prices: Amtrak $10 per day + other fees and Schwartz $10 per day + other fees.

Port Authority bus station is situated in the heart of Manhattan, not far from famous Times Square. There are no traditional luggage storage locations there, just private ones and they are pretty expensive.
With Radical Storage, you can store your bags within walking distance of Port Authority for $4.90.
Other services’ prices: Luggage Keeper $10 per day and CBH Storage $10 per day.

If you're traveling with Amtrak, you can use the luggage room at the station for $10 per day. Non-Amtrak passengers, on the other hand, pay $20 per day.
Radical Storage allows you to get rid of your bag in a secure luggage storage place near Grand Central for $4.90 per day.

Luggage storage well-connected with NYC Airports

Due to increased security measures, you'll no longer find luggage storage or lockers at New York airports. Here are the most convenient storage facilities in the city for easy access to the airports.

With so many Uber vehicles scattered throughout New York City, you can leave your luggage just about anywhere.
However, if you prefer to use public transportation to get to JFK Airport, then we recommend booking our luggage storage near NYC Times Square.
From there, you can easily reach the 7 Avenue Station that takes you to Jamaica Station, where you can catch the AirTrain to the airport.

Using our luggage storage in Penn Station is perfect for getting to NYC Newark Airport the easy way.
The Northeast Corridor train will get you to Newark Liberty International Airport in about 25 minutes.

Dropping off your luggage at Pennsylvania Station is the ideal way to get to New York City's LaGuardia Airport easily.
From Penn Station, you'll easily arrive at Roosevelt Av/Willets Point Blvd St where you'll find the Q48 to the airport.

Luggage storage near NYC attractions and museums

To visit New York's most popular attractions and museums with peace of mind, we recommend getting rid of your luggage with Radical Storage. The Big Apple's tourist attractions do not allow the storage of large luggage. Also, small luggage can only be stored for a short time.

Renowned worldwide, Times Square is one of New York's most important icons. It's located in the heart of Manhattan, just minutes from other popular attractions such as Top of The Rock, the Rockefeller Center, and Bryant Park. Radical Storage has several luggage storage locations near Times Square. They all cost $4.90 per bag/day.

Radical Storage offers you convenient and affordable luggage storage locations just a few feet from this incredible building.
Our luggage storage spots near the Empire State Building cost only $4.90 per bag/day at no extra charges.

With its 843 acres, Central Park is the largest urban park in NYC and one of the biggest in the world.
As you stroll through its glades and visit its attractions, you can leave your bags in our luggage storage near Central Park (10 min walk).
And if you want to know all the secrets this green space, read our awesome guide to the coolest things to do in Central Park.

Using our luggage storage near Wall Street is the ideal solution to reach the most famous monument in America without backpacks, trolleys, or duffels. An even more convenient option is our luggage storage near the World Trade Center.

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most popular attractions for tourists visiting NYC and also a great place to bring the kids.
You can easily get there by dropping off your backpacks at the luggage storage facility 15 minutes from the Museum of Natural History, on the Upper West Side.
It costs $4.90 per day and per piece of luggage.

Colloquially "the Met", The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City is one of the world's largest and finest art museums. Luggage storage in the Metropolitan Museum of Art is quite expensive. It costs from $6 for the first day and $6 for any additional day.
On the contrary, Radical Storage luggage storage options cost just $4.90 per day at no extra cost and no restrictions.
Get to the luggage storage place 10 minutes from the museum and leave your bags without any more worries!

Radical Storage has many comfortable left luggage solutions around Brooklyn Bridge.
You can book the place that meets your needs and visit this incredible bridge hands-free!
Bag storage with us costs $4.90 per day/bag.
Plus, we prepared for you a handy guide to the Brooklyn Bridge area!


You can read what our customers think about the luggage storage options directly. All of our NYC luggage storage solutions have a dedicated page with details and reviews.
Stowing your bags in New York City with Radical Storage has a fixed price: $4.90 per piece of luggage and per day.
In the City of New York, we have over 50 strategically placed storage locations. We are close to major museums, monuments, and attractions.
You can visit Radical Storage's website or download the handy app (available for iOS and Android) to find the luggage storage place that solves your problem.

Unfortunately, there aren't many public, coin-operated, or credit card-operated lockers in New York's train stations, bus terminals, and airports anymore.
However, you can book a Radical Storage spot online to get rid of your luggage quickly and inexpensively ($4.90 per day all-inclusive).

Due to increased security after the 9/11 attacks, there are no longer luggage lockers at Penn Station or live baggage attendants. Amtrak luggage storage is available, but it's quite expensive and only works if you have an Amtrak ticket.
However, you can find plenty of Radical Storage sites within walking distance of the station entrance. They only cost $4.90 per day & per piece of luggage.

Radical Storage allows you to store your bags in minutes without tedious queuing. Approach the check-in desk, show the QR code you received and get rid of that burden in no time!

Get rid of your bags!

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