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    Luggage Storage Monza

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      Monza Train Station

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      Monza City Center

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      Monza Railway Station

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      Corso Milano

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      Monza Downtown




    A safe luggage storage in Monza

    If you want to visit Monza but you have to carry a cumbersome bag, don't worry! Now you can use our luggage storage network. Radical gives you the opportunity to leave your baggage in several reliable luggage storages. We understand that you would not leave your belongings at an unknown place, but Radical guarantees verified partners all over the world. Our partners are local businesses, so If you have to drop your bags off inside a convenience store or a hotel, don't hesitate! They are 100% trustworthy.

    The reasons why should use our company

    You may have a list of things you should do while traveling, please put on it Radical! Just download our app or to add our webpage to your bookmark bar. We can simplify your holidays and give you unforgettable moments. Our price is the best in the world: only €5 per day pro bag! We have no weight or size limits! Our kind staff will look after your baggage belongings for the whole day.

    Welcome to Monza!

    Monza is the city in which the Italian Grand Prix takes place since 1922. It's well-known for its beautiful buildings, like the Villa Reale, a marvelous edifice designed by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini in the 18th Century. In the downtown district, you can also discover the wonderful Cathedral (Duomo di Monza in Italian) dedicated to John the Baptist. This is the most important city's monument and is considered a jewel of Northen Italy.

    The wonderful Brianza

    If you are in Milan, don't forget to go to Brianza! This area represents a cultural and religious center, full of amazing royal edifices, and endless parks. Brianza is renowned for its culinary tradition. So if you are looking for what you can eat there, then you should try one of its delicious restaurants. Pamper yourself with a good glass of wine or a local traditional plate!