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    Radical has just landed in Ecuador to provide all travelers with a unique service! Our system allows you to book secure and verified luggage storage spots online at local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and offices. All public companies can become Radical partners, but we only choose the best ones!

    How much is Radical ?

    Radical has set a fixed rate valid in different parts of the world: $6 per bag. You can leave any luggage with us without paying any additional fees. There are no queues and no additional fees. How long can I leave my luggage? There is no limit since the price is valid for a whole day. Always remember to comply with the operating hours of the preferred luggage storage spot.

    Welcome to Manta

    Manta is considered to be the Ecuadorians' resort. Here you can find holiday homes and accommodations for every price range. Divided into two parts by Avenida de la Cultura, Manta is characterized by wide streets in the American style, always very busy and full of buildings. In addition to tourism, the city earns its livelihood by fishing, being the second largest port in the nation. Tourists also love to visit the Barrio Tarqui Fish Market, located directly on the beach.

    Sports and events

    What makes Manta the ideal destination for those who want to relax by the sea is its warm climate. There is no main beach, but several beaches, all well-equipped! The most popular sports in this area are certainly surfing, kite-surfing and bodyboarding.
    Manta hosts two trendy events: the first is the International Film Festival which takes place in January, while the second is the International Theater Festival organized in September.