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    Luggage storage Laval | An exclusive service

    If you want to travel easily and stress-free, using a secure luggage storage service can be worthwhile. Imagine you’ve just gotten off from your flight, but your hotel room isn’t ready yet. Or you’re waiting for a train, which has been delayed several hours. As a result, you have to waste your time and energy dragging a heavy suitcase around.
    Radical Storage is the best solution for the luggage dilemma. We’ve created an extensive network made up of thousands of private businesses willing to store travelers’ luggage.

    Radical Storage | Unbeatable price

    We at Rad Storage believe you shouldn't spend an arm and a leg storing your bags. This is why, unlike other similar services, we have come up with a fixed rate of just €5 per day/bag! It doesn't matter if you have a huge suitcase or an overweight bag to store, the price is always the same!
    Our honest rates, quality services and a wide variety of facilities are the factors that make Radical Storage worth your time.

    Welcome to Laval

    Laval is a tiny charming city in France with a lot to offer for its visitors.
    It's located within a beautiful green valley bordered by a river on either side. It’s about an hour from Nantes, an hour from Angers, 2 hours from Rennes and 3 hours from Paris by road or rail.
    Travelers are always surprised to discover the charm of this town. It has lots of hiking paths that lead you through picturesque parks. There is even a botanical garden where you can admire all the flowers in early summer. 

    Main Attractions

    The city features several museums and monuments that include art and history. A photographer’s paradise, the riverside shelters and bridges offer beautiful views and opportunities for capturing some of the many landscapes of the area. Visitors looking for more of a relaxed twist, will be more than satisfied with the wide variety of shops and restaurants Laval has to offer.