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Area City Center

2 minutes from Municipality of La Calera
1 minute from Plaza del Mercado

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Open 24/7
COP$ 18000
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Open 24/7

Open 24/7
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Open 24/7
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COP$ 18000
COP$ 18000
/ bag / day
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You’re exploring the great territory of Colombia, trying to discover all the nooks and secrets of this magical place, up until you’re finding yourself in one of its most amazing cities, La Calera. Now that you have arrived here, there are countless places to visit and discover, so you should just let yourself get in the way of the fun, but there is a small issue. In fact, you must firstly find a luggage storage in La Calera, before letting yourself start with the trip.

Luckily, Radical Storage can help you with all the luggage storage available at La Calera, so that your suitcases can be safe, while you’re our and about having fun. You only need to upload our website and app and, after a few easy steps, you’ll be able to book your luggage storage for a fixed price.

Our service also includes many different perks, such as a security coverage of almost 3000 USD, only thanks to a small fee. However, you won’t be charged for any other characteristic of your bags, such as the size or the weight. If you ever might encounter any issue, you’ll also be able to contact our customer service, that will always be available 24/7.

La Calera

La Calera is a small city in the heart of Colombia, which can be found at just 18 kilometres away from the frenzy and lively city of Bogotà. If you have been wondering why the city has been called like this, you might want to know that its name comes from the Spanish word ‘Calera’, which indicates a mine. In fact, the city has been known for its limestone mine, which gives many job offers and economic opportunities to all the population.

The city is also located on the foot of the Andes mountain chain, so that you can find yourself surrounded by an incredible variety of natural resources and beautiful landscapes, that will make you feel breathless. Once you have step foot on the magical natural area of the amazing La Calera, you will feel like time has stopped and you will be able to walk through its cobblestone streets with a new magical feeling.

Things to do while in La Calera

La Calera, a charming town nestled in the heart of Colombia, offers visitors a plethora of exciting activities and attractions. Nature enthusiasts can explore the breathtaking Guadalupe Natural Park, which boasts lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and scenic hiking trails. The Los Ladrillos Ecological Park is another must-visit spot, with its unique red rock formations and stunning panoramic views.

For those seeking a cultural experience, a visit to the Chapala Museum is highly recommended. This small museum showcases the rich history and traditions of La Calera, including its indigenous roots and colonial past. Additionally, the town boasts beautiful colonial architecture, inviting visitors to wander its streets and discover charming cafes and boutique shops.

Adrenaline junkies will not be disappointed either, as La Calera offers thrilling outdoor activities such as paragliding and mountain biking. The surrounding mountain ranges provide the perfect backdrop for these exhilarating adventures. After a day of exploration, visitors can satisfy their taste buds with delicious traditional Colombian cuisine at one of the town's many cozy restaurants.