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    Radical is your special luggage storage in Kiev

    Forget about heavy suitcases, bags, and backpacks while visiting Kyiv thanks to Radical! Our special service allows you to find convenient luggage storage near your location. How does it work? It's very easy! Just enable geolocation on your mobile device, download the Radical app for free (from the computer, simply connect to the website) and discover the Angel that best suits your needs!

    Such a low price has never been seen before!

    Please don't wait in line for hours at traditional luggage storage at the station or the airport, but use our service! Radical is quick and cheap. In Europe, we have a symbolic flat rate of € 5 per day. If the hotel or the B&B where you stayed does not have a luggage storage service, take advantage of Radical and keep on enjoying your holidays!

    Kiev will captivate you

    It will be not easy to forget Kyiv because it has a lot to show and to offer. The treasures of Kyiv are not only artistic and architectural but also related to everyday life. The Ukrainian capital is very easy to visit, it's cheap and it's very welcoming. It's the ideal place for a 2 or 3-day vacation or a longer holiday.

    Discovering the Old Town

    Kyiv's Old Town is in the east side of the Dnieper River. It's a very impressive area, perhaps the most interesting in the city. Here you can find all the main tourist attractions and important monuments. It's here that the famous Andriivski Descent is located, a street overlooked by splendid buildings dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Old Town is a place much loved by visitors and citizens for its energy and its colors. Every day you will find a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, with many street performers ready to brighten up your day.