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    Kryvyj Rih'


    Comfortable luggage storage at Kryvyi Rih

    Traveling around the world without lugging heavy suitcases or backpacks that seem to contain stones is now possible. How? Do you know Radical? If you don't know it yet, then you are on the right webpage, keep on reading! Radical is a luggage storage network located all over the world. You can find a Radical deposit inside a local business, such as an office, a restaurant or even a hotel. Booking is easy, within a few clicks you can leave your suitcase inside the Angel closest to your location.

    A unique price

    Yes, we know that comfort is expensive, but in this case, you have found a cheap comfort! Depositing heavy bags with our partners is convenient! With just € 5 a day pro bag, we allow you to get rid of your weights, stress, and worries and to return to explore the city or enjoy your business trip. Payment is secure and you can also decide to change the location.

    A travel to Kryvyi Rih

    Kryvyi Rih [krɪˈvɪj riɦ] is a city in south-western Ukraine that can be reached from Kiev by train or by car. It's not far from the beautiful shores of the Black Sea and is rich in history, especially the industrial one. In fact, the city is famous for the mining industry. Kryvyi Rih is considered the longest city in Europe, because, although not very populated, its territory extends for 126 km.

    What to see in Kryvyi Rih

    Surrounded by beautiful fields of wheat and sunflower, Kryvyi Rih is not a traditional tourist route but enchants visitors for its architecture, its wild parks, and the charming atmosphere. If you are looking for beautiful places to visit then reach the pretty Central Station, the Botanical Garden or the Park Im. Fedora Mershavtseva.