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    Finally you are reaching the wonderful city of Kenton-on-sea and your only goal is to relax and enjoy, as much as you can, the wonderful area, but your luggage is holding you down and you don’t know what to so. The answer is Radical Storage, which will provide with many different luggage storage in Kenton-on-sea, where you could leave your belongings safely and continue with your trip.

    For only a fixed price of 80 Rand per day, per bag, so no other additional fee for the size or weight of your luggage, you’ll finally get rid of the heavy bulk of luggage. For additional safety, with a fee of 1.75 euro, you can get a security coverage of up to 3000 euro. If there are some issues along the way, you can contact the support team of the company online, and they will always lend you a hand and fix anything.

    Kenton-on-sea luggage storage | Radical Storage

    In order to book one of our luggage storage in Kenton-on-sea, you need to log into our website or Radical app and from there, look up our interactive map, where you will find one of the many different Angels, that will keep your suitcases safe. Ow you only need to book which one you prefer and then you’ll already be able to take advantage of the service.

    Kenton-on sea | Useful information

    Kenton-on-sea train station is a picturesque seaside terminal located in the small coastal town of Kenton-on-sea, South Africa. The station offers direct train services to various cities in the country. Passengers can enjoy stunning ocean views while waiting for their train. The station has a cozy waiting area and a ticket counter. It is a popular spot for tourists visiting the coastal region.

    The train station is known for its friendly staff and efficient services. There are regular train schedules to and from Kenton-on-sea, making it easily accessible for both locals and travelers. The station is located in close proximity to the town center, making it convenient for passengers to explore the area after arriving or before departing.

    Things to see in Kenton-on-sea

    Kenton-on-Sea is a beautiful coastal town in South Africa. Some must-see attractions include pristine sandy beaches, Kariega River Estuary, and Shelley Bay. Be sure to visit Dias Cross Memorial Park and witness breathtaking views from Diaz Point. Explore the Alexandria Dunefields for an adventurous experience and spot diverse birdlife at the Kenton-on-Sea Bird Sanctuary. Enjoy horseback riding and game drives at nearby Big Game Country. Discover rich history at the Kenton-on-Sea Museum and enjoy delicious seafood at local restaurants.