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    Comfortable Radical luggage storage in Hvar

    You may have wondered why you're feeling stressed and tired during a perfect vacation. Well, that's because you're still carrying that heavy bag and you can't truly enjoy yourself. But don't worry, you can now find Radical in Hvar, inside warm and friendly local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, groceries! Our Angels will take care of all your burden and offer you additional services and suggestions on what you can do in the city.

    A competitive price

    If you gave up on the idea of storing your bags because all the places you've seen looked very unsafe, come meet us! All our locations are carefully handpicked so we can offer you safe and locked locations to store your luggage. And the price? It's actually very affordable: only €5 a day per every bag you leave with us. Just download the Radical app and book your favorite Angel!

    A dream vacation on the Adriatic coasts

    With summer approaching, people start making plans for their vacations and many make the smart choice to visit Hvar! In fact, this beautiful island in the Adriatic has so much to offer, from exciting cruizes and white sand beaches to many historical landmarks and museums. If you're an adventure seeker, you can try different water sports there such as surf, snorkeling, and diving. You can also go on a shopping spree or try one of the delicious restaurants in the City Centre.

    A historical tour

    Obviously relaxing on the beach is wonderful, but learning about new cultures can be just as special! Hvar is probably one of the most interesting of all the Adriatic islands due to its rich history. For example, a monument of great significance is the Cathedral of St. Stephen built for the first time in the sixth century, it has maintained its current structure since the seventeenth century. Another important attraction is the Franciscan Monastery, where Greek and Roman artifacts and paintings by Venetian artists are kept.