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    Luggage Storage Gangneung-si

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      Gangneung Train Station

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      Jumunjin Lighthouse

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    About Gangneung-si

    Gangneung-si is the largest municipal city in the province of Gangwon, with beautiful coastal landscapes and delicious seafood. The city is located on the eastern side of the Taebaek Mountain range which has significant value in the Korean Peninsula.

    Home to over 213,000 residents and several natural travel destinations, Gangneung-si City attracts thousands of tourists annually. Gangneung-si also had the honor of hosting all the ice games for the Winter Olympics 2018, which was held in PyeongChang, South Korea.

    The city has a major public transportation network extending from Gangneung station and consisting of KTX (Korean Train Express) train lines. Visitors can easily go from the station to downtown or Gangneung-si beaches. Travelers can also move around the city and to other Korean cities via the public buses from Gangneung Bus Terminal.

    Things to do in Gangneung-si

    These are some of the top things you can do in Gangneung-si:

    Explore the Gyeongpo Beach

    Gangneung-si is a stunning coastal city that has serene and sandy shorelines like Gyeongpo Beach, which is the largest in the city. With its 6 km long seaside area covered with white sand and its clear blue water, Gyeongpo Beach is a tourist hot spot, especially in the summer season.

    Visit Anbandegi Village

    Anbandegi Village is a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in Gangneung-si, that is popular for being the most elevated village in South Korea. Situated 1100 meters above sea level, this remote area with rye meadows and vegetable fields offers mesmerizing views of the lush green landscapes.

    Check out the Edison Science Museum

    Edison Science Museum is the ideal destination if you’re traveling with kids or just love scientific history. It is one of the biggest museums in Gangneung-si along with the Chamsori Gramophone Museum, where you can check out the artifacts dedicated to the work of Thomas Edison.

    Hike in Odaesan National Park

    If you are an adventurous soul looking for the best hiking trail in the city, Odaesan National Park is the right place for you. The park is an hour’s drive from the city and offers densely forested hiking trails, that take a minimum of 2 hours to complete.