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    Japan is not a cheap tourist destination, so once you're there, make sure you maximise your time to visit as many attractions as possible! If you are going to explore Mount Fuji's area, we recommend using our luggage storage service in Fujikawaguchiko. Radical speaks Japanese and offers excellent service! Our storage facilities are safe and verified! Your luggage will be covered by insurance and you can drop it off at an affordable price. Without the burden of your luggage, your holiday in the Land of the Rising Sun will become even more exciting.

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    Booking a Radical is as easy as 1-2-3! Do you already have our app? Don't you? What are you waiting for to download it? Alternatively, you can visit our website and choose a place that meets your needs. Turn on geolocation on your device and find out which are the nearest Angel! A Radical Angel is a local professional company that turned space within its premises into left luggage. With Radical, you can feel safe and lighthearted!

    A charming side of Japan

    Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the southwest of Tokyo on Honshu island and is worldwide renowned for its Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. It encompasses the northern area of Fuji and several wonderful lakes, including Lake Kawaguchi, a popular resort for tourists, with plenty of activities available. In Fujikawaguchiko, you can see Mount Fuji from the Northern side of the Lake enjoying a view that will leave you speechless. To reach this area, you can take a 30-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station! This lakefront is perfect if you love taking wonderful photos and sharing them on your social!

    What to see and do in Fujikawaguchiko

    Yamanashi area is worth a visit just to enter the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum, a cute theme park with an alpine garden and a museum filled with several musical instruments.
    And if you love festivals, don't miss the Sakura Festival, a kermesse held in April and dedicated entirely to food. In autumn, then, when Kawaguchiko fills up with colour, tourists love to go on the Momiji Kairou, a green area where every year from the end of October until mid-November the Momiji Matsuri" festival takes place, an event the celebrate the autumn leaves.