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    Luggage Storage Ferrara

    Top Luggage Storage Location in Ferrara

    • Hotel

      Ferrara City Center

      Open 24 hours
      Most popular
    • Cafe

      Ferrara Railway Station

      06:30 - 20:00
    • Local company

      Ferrara Train Station

      06:00 - 19:00
    • Hotel

      Viale Cavour / Ferrara Castle

      Open 24 hours
    • Shop

      Near Ferrara Train Station

      09:00 - 19:30
    • Shop

      Cathedral Of Ferrara

      10:00 - 13:0015:30 - 19:30



    Store your bags with Radical and explore Ferrara hands-free!

    While you visit Ferrara make sure to store your bags in the right place! Where? At Radical! You can find us in the City Center or other strategic districts of the city, always at local professional businesses. Since our partners have been verified and are continuously monitored by our staff, you can rely on them!

    Flat rate

    Radical is a luggage storage network in Ferrara and the main Italian cities. Our system can be used by everyone, you only need a device and an internet connection. You can choose to book through the website or from the app. Once you have completed the booking process, we will provide you with all the information you need to reach our partner. What about the price? It’s competitive and valid for a whole day: €5 per bag.

    What to see in Ferrara

    Ferrara is an elegant and mysterious city that everyone falls in love with. To discover its true essence, you should explore it on foot or by bicycle! As it’s not big, one weekend will be enough to see almost everything! Among the monuments not to be missed is its symbol: the Estense Castle, a magnificent fortress in the heart of the city considered as one of the most beautiful castles in Italy. Not far from the Castle, you'll find two other symbolic buildings: Palazzo del Teatro Comunale and the wonderful Cathedral.

    The city of festivals

    If you are planning a trip to Ferrara, make sure that you’ll go there during the Busker Festival (in August) or the Internationale Festival (October). The first is a world-renowned event where you will have the opportunity to attend unique musical performances. The latter is a real cultural festival organized by the Italian periodical Internazionale. During the event, you can attend performances and debates focusing on political, cultural and artistic issues.