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    Store your luggage in Favignana with Radical

    Enjoying a cappuccino, a croissant or just a stress-free walk is also possible on vacation. The drama of tourists is often linked to luggage. Especially when you are in a new city, far from home, you need to bring essential items such as clothing, hygiene products, and other basic necessities. Putting all these items in a suitcase forces vacationers to drag weights, but now everything changes thanks to Radical!

    Safe and cheap luggage storage

    With Radical you can turn your life around! Visiting Favignana will become simple and light. Leave your luggage at our Angels, reliable local businesses that will look after your belongings for € 5 a day. Once you got rid of your suitcases, you can start your carefree day among the beauties of Sicily. It's a quick and easy way. Just make an online booking and reach our Angel.

    Discover Sicily

    The Italian painter Salvatore Fiume defined Favignana "The butterfly on the sea". The island in the past was known by different names such as Aponiana or Auegusa (in Greek means "island of goats"). If you love the sea and nature, the Egadi islands will pleasantly surprise you! Favignana is a marvelous island whose village is nestled in a natural inlet where you can find both the port and the buildings of the ancient tuna-fishing nets.

    Things to do in Favignana

    There is no shortage of activities here in Favignana, both outdoors and indoors. Immerse yourself in the transparent waters of Cala Rossa, visit the beautiful sea caves, try sports fishing with your family and friends, eat excellent tuna and swordfish, explore local markets!