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    Luggage Storage Dubai

    Top Luggage Storage Location in Dubai

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      Dubai Al Seef

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      Al Khor Street

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    Luggage storage Dubai

    Looking for luggage storage in Dubai could be tough, especially if you don’t want to walk under the hot sun. Moreover, the Emirates is quite expensive, so pay attention before purchasing a service. Radical guarantees a flat fee and secure locations at on-site businesses, such as shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. No, we are not goofing you around, it’s the truth!
    You can reserve online a place for your luggage, and pay with your credit card.
    Radical is a smart system that connects you with all the luggage storage places in the world that joined our network.
    Just enable geolocation on your device to find out the closest one!

    Left luggage Dubai: price

    Undoubtedly, Dubai is expensive in every aspect! On the contrary, Radical is an affordable service that costs you just 25 AED per day and per item.
    So don't sit around the airport's cafè waiting for hours, just drop off your bags with us and spend your free time in the best way possible!

    Details about Radical’s flat rate

    Store your bags in Dubai with us and pay a flat rate without any limits. For instance, you can drop off a large suitcase and a backpack spending 25 AED per (each) item!
    We apply no weight or size restrictions, and there's no need to queue up before storing your belongings!
    Radical could also be the perfect service when looking for long term luggage storage in Dubai!
    Any inquiries? Contact our customer service (It's available 24/7).

    The city of the future

    We learned from the internet that almost 33k users per month search for the words "where is Dubai." Even if it seems quite incredible, the most luxurious city in the Arab Emirates still lacks attention from the world. It's a pity! Dubai, in fact, boasts unbelievable wonders, delicious food and an endless amount of attractions.
    We recommend visiting the city during colder seasons since summer is scorching.
    You'll realize you've arrived in a special place as soon as you land. Not by chance, Dubai Airport is an innovative hub with several technological solutions available. Moreover, it boasts the largest operation center in the world.
    Once in the city, be prepared to enter huge airconditioned shopping malls, where you could get lost.

    The city with two faces

    Dubai is a city with two faces, the modern one - we just mentioned, and the traditional one.
    If you are tired of wandering around the Dubai Mall - the most important shopping center, we suggest you go to Bur Dubai. This district is close to Dubai Creek and attracts many tourists for its historical buildings, the mosque, and the iconic souks. What is a souk? It's a typical Arab market or bazaar with stalls selling spices, fabrics, leather shoes, and traditional foods.
    The connection between the old and new worlds is also described by the Dubai Frame. This giant gold frame stands approximately 500 feet tall and has panoramic glass lifts that lead visitors to the top.