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    Luggage storage Cecina | Discover the best options

    Store your bags, suitcases, backpacks, and any other items in one of our luggage storage in Cecina.
    We have an online platform that allows you to quickly and easily access various luggage storage locations throughout the city!
    Radical Storage will provide you with all the assistance you need and connect you with the best local companies.
    All of our partner companies have been selected by our agents and have provided secure accommodations on their premises for all travelers.

    Details and price

    After booking through our system, you might find yourself in a store, where staff will take your luggage and place it in a secure area or a locked room.
    Can you imagine how difficult it will be to walk 5-6 hours or a whole day with a heavy backpack or trolley by your side?
    If you don't like this idea, know that Cecina is a dynamic city with an efficient transport system and plenty of luggage storage options.
    Storing a piece of luggage with us will cost you only €5 per day at no extra cost.

    How to reach Cecina

    Cecina is an Italian town located in beautiful Tuscany, not far from Livorno and Pisa.
    It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and is well-connected with Elba Island, one of the most famous destinations.
    You can reach Cecina, conveniently, from Florence or other nearby cities.
    If you are moving by plane, the nearest airport is Pisa's International Airport, also known by its commercial name "Galileo Galilei".

    Things to do

    Cecina is perfect for your summer vacations as it offers its visitors fabulous beaches and establishments.
    However, it is also perfect for a trip out of town during other times of the year for its mild climate and the surrounding nature.
    If you are a museum person, don't forget to visit the Civic Archaeological Museum, located near another museum not to be missed: the Municipal Archaeological Museum la Cinquantina.
    Once in town, we suggest you try one of the delicious coastal restaurants to enjoy freshly caught fish or other traditional dishes.