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    Your new BFF in Cancun

    Close your eyes and try to imagine your dreaming destination: we are more than sure that it would be somewhere similar to Cancun. Indeed, this place is blessed with natural beauty and a service that will revolutionize your life. This service is called Radical, a luggage storage network located all over the world and in Cancun. For example, if you arrive in Cancun too early for your check-in at your Airbnb, you don’t want to be stuck dragging your suitcase to the beach. Instead, you want to dive headfirst in the Caribbean Sea and its crystal-blue waters. That it’s when Radical comes helpful with one of its luggage storage located Downtown Cancun.

    A price you will never forget

    Don’t waste your time in Cancun. Indeed, this place is blessed by natural beauty; having a look around, everything you will see is breathtaking, so make sure you enjoy every second of it. Even if you only have a few hours before your check-in, these hours are still very precious, and you should take advantage of them. Lucky for you, our Angels (that’s how we call our partners) are located in reachable locations near public transportation, Cancun resorts, popular attractions, and hip districts. You probably think that service this amazing must be expensive. On the contrarily, Radical is very affordable. For the price of $6 per day and per bag, you can relax on the beach stress-free.

    Things to do in Cancun

    Cancun is a popular destination among young people for its party scene and breathtaking beaches. Heading to the beach and taking the time to relax, don’t have to be the only thing to do. Cancun is rich in culture and history but also rich in biodiversity. There are many mysterious ruins and adventurous activities that can be booked (preferably in advance to secure your spot). If you love adventure and exploring, why not go for a dive at the Cancun Underwater Museum to see impressing underwater statues? If you want to swim more, head to Xcaret; a network of underground rivers and caves with crystal clear water.

    Culture and history in Cancun

    Yes, Cancun has beautiful water, but you can’t learn about a country without seeing all of its facets. To do so, spend your day in Tulum town, which hosts some amazing Cliffside ruins. History and culture lovers must also visit the archaeological zone of El Rey, Templo del Alacrán, and the Chichen Itza to discover the ruins and historical heritage of Mayan civilization. After a long day exploring, go to the Cancun Moon Palace to enjoy a 5-star experience, drink cocktails and meet amazing people. Whatever you choose to do in Cancun, do not forget that Radical's luggage storage can be found just around the corner.