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Luggage Storage Bournemouth

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£ 5
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Area Boscombe

9 minutes from Boscombe Pier
9 minutes from the Churchill Gardens

Fully booked
Area City Centre

2 minutes from St Peter's Church
5 minutes from Mary Shelley's Grave Museum

Fully booked
Area City Centre

5 minutes from the St Peter's Church
5 minutes from Mary Shelley's Grave Museum

Fully booked
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All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform can be covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

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Radical is a smart luggage storage in Bournemouth

If you love traveling don’t waste your time but use an incredible service that will surely change your life! Its name is Radical! A bag is something that you would deposit when going abroad because you surely want to explore new places carefreely. As you know, Bnb means bed and breakfast, a place that can give you relief when you need it the most. So Radical is a comfortable location where you can leave your burden the whole day at a very competitive price.

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Radical has an affordable price all over the United Kingdom: £5 a day! Unlike some airline companies, we don’t have any weight and size limits. Imagine how your holidays would be if you had the possibility to store your suitcase in a safe place as long as you want. Well, stop your imagination from running while because Radical is real! You can find us all over Bournemouth! Come on! We can’t wait to meet you!

Bournemouth to see

Bournemouth boasts one of the sunniest spots in Great Britain and a lot of popular churches. The city is young and vivid and at the same time a spiritual place. You can rattle up the cliffs to see the Isle of Wight or you admire the wonderful flowers in the chine gardens. And if you like the nightlife, reach on the several trendy wine bars or discos.

Visit the St. Peter's Church

Did you know that the St. Peter’s Church in Bournemouth is the graveyard of Mary Shelley? If you didn’t, it’s time for you to reflect. Since Mary Shelley was the Frankenstein author, the Church is renowned for being a spiritual but also mysterious place.
It’s a wonderful Gothic Revival style building with a massive tower which dominates the whole city. In fact, it stands in the heart of Bournemouth and aspires to be a place of worship and debates about religion, politics, and other matters.