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    Your convenient luggage storage in Bonn, Germany

    Since most hotels check-in at noon and trains arrive in the morning, travelers often need safe spaces to leave their baggage. Yes, you can use lockers o left luggage at stations or inside airports but they could be quite expensive. Radical is a different kind of luggage storage! It does not provide lockers or traditional services, It's light-years ahead! Radical partners up with professional local businesses all over the world! All the partners are called Angels and turned unused spaces inside their businesses into cozy luggage storage locations! You have the opportunity to store your belongings at shops, restaurants or hotels, they are reliable and can supervise your staff as long as you need.

    Radical, convenient left-luggage in Bonn

    As we previously said, we are different from usual luggage storage locations, we are more convenient and we have a very competitive price. In Europe (so even in Bonn), storing a bag with us costs only €5 a day!. Furthermore, our partners can also pamper you with special discounts and additional services! Handing in baggage and getting it back is quick and easy! You only need to choose your favorite Angel, for example, the one near the train station and book it online. You will receive an email with all the details about your Angel!

    The city of the deaf genius

    Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven and is very close to Cologne. The Cologne-Bonn airport is, in fact, only 16 km north-east (Bonn can also be reached by train).
    For more than 40 years Bonn was the federal capital of West Germany (FRG), but after the reunification, the Bundestag was transferred to Berlin.
    Since Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany, if you are traveling across the country, you could not miss it! And apart from its cultural heritage, Bonn is also a city of natural beauty, with parks and wonderful views!

    Discovering Bonn

    Bonn sits on the banks of the Rhine river and has a very quiet and elegant pedestrian Old Town. Beethoven's compositions can be heard everywhere because they give the city a great sense of identity.
    However, Bonn is also the ideal place for those who like going shopping. Along Friedrichstrasse, you'll find everything you need, from clothing stores to shopping malls -and much more.
    If you have the chance, visit the city in the springtime (from March to late April) to see the wonders of Heerstraße, a street full of cherry blossoms.