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In Bocas del Toro International Airport
4 minutes from Bocas del Toro area

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Open 24/7
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Open 24/7
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Open 24/7
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$ 6
$ 6
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The holidays are coming and you’re looking for the perfect place to just dip into and relax, with all your family and friends, so that’s why you decided to land in the beautiful Bocas del Toro. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters and take a breath from all the chaos in the city. However, you must find first a nice place to store your luggage in Bocas del Toro, so that your belongings can be safe.

That is why Radical Storage can come to your rescue, with our countless Angels, as we like to call our partners, where you can leave your suitcases and bags, so that they can be safe and sound, while you dip into the wonderful ocean waves and have fun. You only need to load our website and in a few moments, you’ll be booked.

Our service also offers many advantages: for example you’ll be able, with a small fee, to get a security coverage from up to 3000 USD, but on the contrary, there will be no added charges for your luggage’s size or weight. Whenever you might be in need for some help, you can also contact our support team, available 24/7.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a wonderful and exquisite location, nestled in the territory of Panama, just as a little jewel on the crown of this amazing area. This small piece of paradise is a town and a tourist resort located on the southern tip of Colón Island in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. As it might be obvious, the town is mostly lived during the touristic season, thanks to its golden beaches that will make you want to relax and leave all your troubles behind.

Whenever you will find yourself in this wonderful jewel, you’ll be able to live up the tropical climate, with very hot and relaxing days and a sun that will kiss your skin and will make your complexion a clear golden tone. A small vacation in this wonderful island will be the perfect opportunity to recharge your energies and take the time to enjoy all the small moments and the memories that you will be able to make here.

Things to do while in Bocas del Toro

Despite its small dimension, Bocas del Toro offers many different activities and landmarks to visit and just to enjoy, so buckle up and take in all the amazing wonders that you might encounter during your stay, so that you can live up the perfect summer. Firstly, you need to run to all the beautiful beaches that there are in this beautiful piece of heaven, such as Boca del Drago, Playa El Istmito and Playa Buff, so that you can swim all the time that you want and even take your surfing table and roam around the waves of the ocean.

If you, instead, want to do something a little more educational, you can also visit the National Marine Park, where you can explore the area and get in touch with all these amazing animals that live here. It will be a discovery of all the most amazing places and nooks of this magical island, without even moving a finger. Finally, you can also participate in some of the favourite activities in the island, such as snorkeling or even trekking and climbing on one of the majestic mountains of the island.