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    Luggage Storage Badalona

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      Badalona City Center

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      Badalona Railway Station

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      Plaza De Pompeu Fabra

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      Fondo Subway Station

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    Luggage Storage in Badalona

    Finding the right place to store your luggage in a small town like Badalona can be difficult. You are not sure how secure the storage facilities there are and how much they might charge a tourist. That’s where Radical Storage comes in.
    We offer the most reliable and secure luggage storage services worldwide. Our storage rate is fixed without any hidden charges, no matter where you are or what is the weight of your bags!

    Book with Radical Storage

    Storing your bags at one of the partner locations by Radical Storage becomes easy with our luggage storage app. All you have to do is download the app, explore unlimited locations nearby by turning on geolocation and pick the one that suits you best.
    Once you book online, drop your bags at our facilities, and our team will take care of them while you enjoy the liberty of traveling empty-handed.

    Badalona, Spain

    Badalona is a little town near the Mediterranean coast in the northeastern region of Barcelona. A lot more peaceful than its hustling province of Barcelona, this vibrant coastal town is a popular location for summer and leisure.
    Located on the bank of Besos River, the town has a clean atmosphere and fresh air, with a similar historical infrastructure as its bigger counterpart, Barcelona.

    Top Attractions in Badalona

    Hidden in the heart of Badalona are the remains of an ancient town called Dalt de la Vila, where you will find fascinating buildings like Santa María church and Torre Vella. On the outskirts of this town, there is a Medieval farmstead known as Masia de Can Miravitges, ready you tell you the tales of how Badalona evolved from the Middle Ages.
    One of the best places to jog or walk around in Badalona is Pont del Petroli, a long pathway above the sea with astonishing views.