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HAROLD 12月 2019
One word, EASY!
私は最初は料金を支払ったことを心配して懐疑的であり、サービスはまったく存在しません。 私が場所に到着したとき、労働者はRadical Storageについて知らなかった。 確認伝票を示し、上司に電話をかけた後、プロセスは簡単でした。 全体的な経験, 素晴らしい!
I was sceptical at first worrying about having paid the fee and the service is not exist at all. When i arrive at the place, the worker was not aware about Radical Storage. After showing the confirmation slip and making some calls to her supervisor, the process was easy afterthat. Overall experience, excellent!
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Are you too tired to drag your heavy suitcase around? Leave it in our luggage storage near Vito Cruz Station. It will only cost you ₱300 a bag/day.
Radical offers strategically located deposits all over the world.
Our Angel is a hotel open 24/7. Once you reach the deposit, check-in your luggage with ease and comfort just in a few minutes.

All you need to know about the area

Makati is a large metropolis with a tropical climate, considered the financial center of the Philippines.
You will find our partner at 400 meters from the Vito Cruz Railway Station that provides connections to the whole country.
There are many amenities nearby: from pharmacies, restaurants, shops to great places to rest or grab a bite to eat – here you'll find everything you need.
Enjoy the day without hindrance; your bags are taken care of by Radical.